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Just when you think that things can't get any more ridiculous here in Bolehland here's more to help you throw up.


The following clips are taken from the mainstream media verbatim.

You read them and see if you can see the stupidity of the statements and the ambiguity of Malaysian journalism. New Straits Times, Wednesday July 2, 2008"It was believed that Mohd Saiful had .

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Checks on the Internet reveal that acute or forced sodomy can cause constipation.

A University Malaya Medical Centre doctor said fear, mental trauma and the physical act could have caused the constipation."An anal tear and the pain could have resulted in the victim having difficulty in passing motion."NST July 2, 2008"Tan Sri Musa Hassan (the Inspector-General of Police) and Attorney-General (Tan Sri Gani Patail) are professionals. The investigation is being headed by a senior police officer. They are professionals."(The highlights are mine)Well, what do you think? Similar to tinychat, you can do group video chat in multiple webcams.Loke has some extra features which let you create friend list, share photos and upload photos on live chat.This is also one of the first sites I've ever been in that lets the users comment on the actual site. I love the people on here they are awesome and fun to talk to. I love being able to talk to people from all over the world.:):)teen chat rox my sox =D I have been coming here for a year now and it still has yet to bore me, I've met a ton of great people and tell my friends about this sight all the time, thanks for everything and keep it know its crazy thinking there are so many people out there that are as cool as they are then again this is the only place i know i can come for a good chat with anybody and know that its all about just enjoying the conversation. If your car only 5 year lifespan, u can get loan for 30 years ka?? The banks got bailed out, the players keep their jobs (mostly got paid alot stil), gomen officers who supposed to regulate d market continue to regulate d market eventhough they had failed.

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