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The original structures still had remnants of a stall where you would put your horse for the night.

We recommend checking with Coffman Hardware in Mackinaw City (where fishing licenses are sold) to find out where fish are biting.

Children enjoy long hours of daylight typical for Mackinaw during June and July.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping was originally designed and constructed during the 60s and 70s.

However, conventional wisdom at the time (remember the original gas crisis in the 1970s) did not take into account that vehicles would find a way to get larger, regardless of the increase in fuel costs.

Photo tour of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, featuring pictures of the camp facilities and activities and some of the areas attractions.

Browse the nearly 200 photos below to get a "virtual expeience" of staying at the campground and enjoying some of what the Mackinaw area has to offer.

The campground's cabins have stationary fire rings.

However, many of the campsites allow portable fire pans to be used where ever you would like on your site.

These cabins have the distinction of being the newest and oldest cabins in the park.

Completely restored from the ground up, these cabins originally were built before the age of automobiles.

Slated for demolition, the Rogala family decided to restore and preserve this part of Mackinaw's heritage and make them part of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping's history.

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