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A few others you should consider familiarizing yourself with are scuba diving, fishing, and horseback riding.4. The sports millionaire men care about and follow differ from those the average middle class man is interested in.Polo, tennis, horse racing, and car racing are popular favorites of the wealthy man.

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Make sure your class and good manners show through in how you treat everyone, not just the obvious rich guy.

It would be a shame for you to miss out on the Rich Handsome Cowboy who’s waiting to sweep you off your feet and ride away with you into the sunset simply because you were rude to him! The next step: get out there and start meeting millionaires!

Being able to give an educated opinion about these topics will help you stand apart from the crowd of gold-diggers.7. In general, millionaire men are looking for younger women, so be prepared to date a man who is 10-20 years older (Are you still sure you want to marry a millionaire? Additionally, be on the lookout for the millionaire man in “disguise.” Many wealthy men absolutely look the part of being a millionaire, designer clothes and Ferrari included.

But you might be surprised to know there are some millionaire men who drive a Ford truck wearing beat-up jeans you would be more likely to think works at a garage.

Learn how these games are played, and familiarize yourself with current news, events, and players in each sport.5. Millionaire men are often very charitable, staying active in the non-profit community.

Research local charities and non-profits in your area, and become involved in a few of them, focusing on political and philanthropic causes.Once you know those two things, your chances of meeting a quality millionaire increase.2. As you’re spending time in the right places, you’ll begin to make connections with influential people.Work to befriend them, and you’ll find yourself being invited to join them at events, galas, and activities where you will be introduced to millionaire men.My millionaire clients are NOT looking for dumb arm candy for wives.Wealthy men looking for a long term relationship look for intelligent women.Volunteer your time, and find a way to attend any events, galas, and especially fundraisers they throw.

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