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Their audiences left the shows more enlightened and critical, they left as different people than when they arrived.

I don’t think the previous observation is lost on most comics in Long Island, but there is something else at play.

When they say, “people just want to laugh,” they mean Long Islanders just want to remain in a blissful state of ignorance that Long Island history, culture, and institutions have been trying hard to keep intact.

Yes, I’m talking about privilege, and Long Island comedy is wearing that badge proudly.

Our meetup group does understand your needs and concerns, as all our hosts have been both married and single.

I personally chose to do this type of meetup to help singles make new friends in a fun and friendly way.

Case in point: some minority comics are indeed welcomed at the clubs and shows.

They advance in the contests and get regular spots weekend nights.

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However, their comedy is nothing short of a minstrel show.

Hispanic comics joke about how “Spanish” people are stupid and illegal, black comics joke about how African Americans steal things, and female comics joke about how they’re not pretty enough to date homeless guys.

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