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Such crazes did not significantly shape medical or psychological theory and practice, nor did they significantly affect the evolution of those disciplines. 23) The facts will show, following the practical rules that I will establish, that this principle can heal disorders of the nerves immediately, and other disorders mediately.

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He came to believe that the physician himself is a magnet of a very special kind, capable of channeling the invisible “magnetic fluid” that pervades the universe into the body of the sick person and bringing about the magnetic balance necessary for a cure. and which, by its nature, is capable of receiving, propagating and communicating all impressions of movement; 3) This reciprocal action is governed by mechanical laws as yet unknown. During this period, Mesmer made attempts to get the medical establishment of Paris to approve his theory of animal magnetism, but try as he might, he could not gain a sympathetic hearing.

The basic principles of Mesmer’s theory of animal magnetism were articulated in twenty-seven propositions in his 1) There exists a mutual influence between the celestial bodies, the earth and animate bodies; 2) The means of this influence is a fluid that is universally distributed and continuous . On the contrary, the medical faculty at Paris became alarmed at the popularity of Mesmer’s clinics and moved to suppress them.

In 1784 two commissions were constituted to investigate animal magnetism, both appointed by the king of France.

One was made up of members of the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine; it included some of the country’s most eminent scientists and functioned under the chairmanship of Benjamin Franklin (1700–1790), then the American ambassador to France.

This special issue focuses broadly upon questions and themes relating to the current conceptualisations, representations and use of ‘ethnicity’ (and ethnic minority experiences) within the field of social gerontology.

An important aim of this special issue is to explore and address the issue of ‘otherness’ within the predominant existing frameworks for researching those who are ageing or considered aged, compounded by the particular constructions of their ethnicity and ethnic ‘difference’.Paper presented at the conference Researching Ethnicity: What, Why and How? Animal magnetism, early hypnotism and psychical research, 1766–1925. That animal magnetism is no longer practiced is hardly surprising. paper) was first published by Kraus International Publications in 1988. A54C73 1988 [BF1141] 048.1547 87-29746 ISBN 0-527-20006-9 (alk.What is puzzling is that the story of animal magnetism is so neglected.

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