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After several gainers re-located from San Francisco to Southern California, they spawned the very successful Dinner Group there in 1993.The group became so popular, it started publishing its own newsletter.Main Features:• Chat with friends or other people all over the world in different chatrooms or just tap someones nickname to go to private chat• Search for other chat rooms using the servers own lists or the "Rooms Browser" which contains a preselected choice(can also be useed to surf other sites while chatting)• Use your fingers to slide through the current open chatrooms just like the home screen• Double tap the chat window to get a quick-list to access all channels directly• Start your own chatroom by just joining any room name you like and invite some friends• Add chatrooms to your favorites - so you can easily access them again next time• Chat in landscape just by tilting the device sideways• Ignore function to hide messages from certain users• Activity notification with sound, vibration and more so you never miss a message in some other chat room again (including special alert for your nick or own defined words)• Open links from the chat directly within Rooms without leaving it• Manage your connections & chat rooms easily using the connection settings• Saves all currently open chat rooms - except temporary connections - when pushing the home button and rejoins them when starting up again• In addition you can enable the chatlog to remember the latest conversations• Temporarily disable the sleep timer to prevent the i Phone from powering off the display and go to sleep• You may even disable the auto correction withing Rooms IRC Specific Features:• SSL support• Ident/Nickserv support• Easy User Actions(Op, Kick, Ban, ...) thru quick UI actions• Add default chat room per server/connection• Send IRC RAW commands directly from the chat(most of them also mapped to the well known pseudo commands, for example: /msg or /me)• Add commands to send automatically on connect• Supports server password• Change the encoding for every connection and/or chat room separately• Automatically opens if you click any irc:// link in the i Phones browser or mail• Clear UI for whois/user information• Color support (also to disable them)• ...

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Using this IRC chat protocoll you can even join for example ICQ or Ustream chat rooms, cause they share the same technique!

Rooms already comes with a lot of functionality, but more and more features are planned to be added in upcoming (free) updates.

While Girth and Mirth clubs did not have an explicit gainer identity (the terms “gainer” and “encourager” had yet to be coined), at the time they provided the only outlet for gay men who were interested in weight gain.

Many Girth & Mirth clubs were founded or led at various times by men who would later come to identify as gainers or encouragers.

Around 1985, the first-known gathering of gainers and encouragers began in New York City, when a group started meeting informally after Girth & Mirth meetings.

One of the group’s members, John Outcalt, would go on to be one of the gainer/encourager community’s leading voices in the next decade.

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In 1988, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was created, allowing those knowledgeable enough to create chat rooms and exchange text messages in real time.

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