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Most commonly, the transformation is from male to female (see also Autogynephilia), although female to male stories do exist.

Mind-swap / Body-swap is a category of transformation fetish which can overlap with some of the other categories (notably transgender) is that of an exchange of bodies or minds (not always voluntary, or sometimes voluntary by one party to the exchange but not the other) so that two individuals (human or otherwise) each find themselves occupying the other's body, and usually forced to assume the other's life and identity.

The means of transformation are varied and include viruses or strange chemicals, magic spells or curses, and sex with a creature/person of the form being transformed to.

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There are, however, sites that attempt to do TG literature without the sexual content.

Characters still rarely, if ever, get reverted to their original gender.

A typical Age Regression story features an adult, usually one in an esteemed position or one with many resposibilities (such as a high position in a corporation or a parent of young children) encountering a situation that causes him or her to become younger.

Typical causes include all manner of magic and pseudo-science, though a variety of fictitious medical conditions have also been concocted by writers.

) More contrived methods include the use of some sort of mind-transfer machine, or magic. When they regain consciousness, each is occupying the other's body.

The transfer is reversed when the two of them suffer a violent collision.

Though there are some stories where the participant's mental age changes with their body, by and large most AR / AP media feature the participant retaining their original mental level of maturity, whatever it may be.

This is often a point of plot development within many stories, with the victims usually having difficulty adjusting to how self-sufficient or helpless they may be in their new state as compared to their old state.

In other cases the person after being possessed has a different outfit, height, etc.

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