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Typical attire for the female dancers included a black top, slip-on Margiela style shoulders, tight black pants, driving gloves and Marni sandals.

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These dancers are also seen during Gaga's performance at the 2008 Winter Music Conference. In June, Pepper was fired for refusing to play a pride show and was replaced by Sheryl Murakami for three days.

In May of 2008, Gaga was accompanied by two new female dancers: Dina (Melissa Emrico) a prima ballerina from D. On June 20, Coco Chanel (Celine Thubert), a French pop n' locker did her debut as the replacement for Pepper.

These dancers, Sheryl Murakami and Katie Berenson, are seen in the music video for "Just Dance".

In the video, the brunette dancer (Sheryl Murakami) turned on the boom box that began the video's music, while Berenson carried in Gaga's piano.

In an interview with, the hot gay couple reveal how they first met: HOW DID YOUR LOVE STORY START?

Mark: When I was a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 4, Jeremy was assisting choreographer Tyce Diorio. Jeremy: It was really quick—“hi” and “bye,” “nice to meet you.” But once Mark moved out to L. from Hawaii after the show, we started seeing each other a lot, and one night we exchanged numbers, just being friendly. What a wow performance from Mark Kanemura and Chelsie Hightower.

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Mark Kanemura Boyfriend Update: We jokingly identified Mark as our imaginary reality-TV boyfriend but, in real life, he is actually dating fellow dancer Jeremy Hudson. My two SYTYCD TV boyfriends, Gev Manoukian and Mark Kanemura, get paired with the ladies. I’m sure my good friend Deena who also likes these guys will agree. First, I lost Oliver Pigott, then Gev Manoukian, then Sebastian Pigott, then finally Mark Kanemura.

Seven new dancers were also hired for the new tour: Graham Breitenstein, Montana Efaw, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Amanda Balen, Molly d'Amour-Goslin, Mark Kanemura, Jeremy Hudson.

Some of them had already worked with Gaga on a music video or a special live performances.

All the choreography from 2008 to fall of 2011 were done by Laurieann Gibson (Boomkack) with her assistants such as Richard Jackson who took the role of choreographer in October of 2011.

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