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It is situated on the banks of Simsang river on the international Bangladesh border.Nearby just below the picturesque Dilsa hill, the State Tourism Department has constructed a Tourist bungalow.Local legend has it that the peak provides a sacred shelter or abode to the ‘Gods’ and it is also claimed that Tura was traditionally known as Dura, but due to mispronunciation by the British gave it the present name of Tura.

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Location: West Garo Hills District Tura the headquarter of West Garo Hills, which was also the headquarter of composite Garo Hills before two more districts of East and South Garo Hills were created, is 323 kms.

from Shillong via Guwahati named after a powerful goddess Durama-Imbama, this Tura town is situated at the foot of Tura peak.

Location: West Garo Hills District About 40 kms, via Asananggiri and Sasatgiri but just 2 kms.

from Tura peak; teeming with wild life, Nokrek hill is the home of a very rare species of citrus locally known as Memang Narang orange of the spirits.

The spirits feeling insecure then migrated to Balpakram where they settled till now.

Baghmara the head quarter of South Garo Hills District is a fast growing township.

Sasatgre has been blessed by nature in so far as orange plantations are concerned and the village is surrounded by healthy, dark green orange bushes, which are highly productive. from Phulbari near Assam border and in nearer via plains road along Assam border and is nearer via plains road along Assam border.

The village now falls on the periphery of the Nokrek Gene Sanctuary-cum-Biosphere Reserve. 40 kms from Tura, near Mankachar on the Assam border there still lies the earthly remains of the great general Mir-Jumla the army general of great Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb.

Naka-Chikong Location: East Garo Hills District 15 kms from Duphdara, it is a big rock with deep hollows, in the middle of Ildek river in Badaka village just 3kms from Adokgre, this big rock is mythologically believed to be swarming with fishes, you can get tons of fishes any season of the year, but there is one belief, if any one inadvertently touches the big rock under whose hole the fishes are, all fishes immediately disappear from the river.

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