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Secondly, To publicly commemorate at stated times the principal events in the history of the Huguenots. The funds of this Society shall be applied only to the furtherance and realization of the objects contem- plated in this constitution. Every application for member- ship shall be accompanied by one year's dues. )e partii'ai ineessamment pour m'en retotirner en [rlande ou ma presence est necessaire, Mylord due Dormond cjni 40 en est vice Roy m'y I aisant esperer de lemploi ; ma tannic restera ici aupres de A I 1 ' son pere (|iii est fort incom- mode de la goutte. John's, Berkeley, the church at Charles- ton—by the late Daniel Ravenel, of Charleston, with notes by the late Gen.

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Fourthly, To gather by degrees a library for the use of the Society, composed of all obtainable book's, monographs, pamphlets, manuscripts, etc., relating to the Huguenots. To cause statedly to be prepared and read be- fore the Society, papers, essays, etc., on Huguenot history or genealogy, and collateral subjects. f 23 Secondly, Representatives of other French families whose profession of the Protestant Faith is anterior to the pro- mulgation of the Edict of Toleration, November 28th, 1787. The annual fees of Resident and Corresponding members shall be one dollar, and the payment of twenty dollars shall constitute one a life member. 1V1 1 ' son frere se porte bien anssi ; je ne l'ai pas encore vu qnoiqu'il m'ait lail l'honi T'eiir de me venir voir ayec sa soeur, mais il ne m'a pas trouve chez beau-pere lorsqu'il y vint ; il ne me reste plus qu'a ^vous assurer que je suis avec un profond respect.

Thirdly, To discover, collect and preserve all still exist- ing documents, monuments, etc., relating to the genealogy or history of the Huguenots of America in general, and of those of South Carolina in particular. The membership of this Society shall be as follows: Firstly, All descendants in the direct male or female lines of the Huguenot families which emigrated to America prior to the promulgation of the Edict of Toleration, November 28th, 1787. Je vis liicr Mademoiselle Marcon qui restera ici aupres de M r son pere qui est fort tijconi- se porte bien et qui me chargea de vons assurer et a ma tante de ses respects.

I offer them to you, Mon- sieur, sincerely, and beg you to feel assured 1 am most truly, Your very humble and obedient Servant, ARAB1N. Xaihamel Ihoughtnm Thomas Waring, Isaac I Weber, Jun., and dear heloved wile Klix a - Verdety whilst .shall continue a widow. Sketches of the lives ol late deceased members of the Society, Etc.

I should esteem myself happy if you will permit me to render vou my little services. (Edited and Translated 1 D.) THEODORE VERDETY (OR VERDITTY. * * ' i: * I do order and desire for mine Rxecirtors and \dnuuistrat v Capt.

II est niort dans les dispositions d'-uii veritable cretien c'estant recogneu jusque an dernier soupir. The First Hu- guenot Immigrants from 1670 to [680, [680 to [69O, 1690 to 1700. Dennis Parish or Orange Quarter; Settlement and Church on Santee River.

l ^ foussat, announcing tire death of his eldest son, Pierre. Luv lc 5 me de ee mois apfes tine maladie de trois ans, est ant ata- que de la poitrine. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal twenty day of May Anno 1720. Item; 1 give and bequeath unto my godson Isaac Por- cher son to my brother Isaac Porcher, a couple of my best breeding mares. List of officers and list of members elected since [890. An address before the Society on the Early I In gtienots and their emigration to America, b\ Gabriel E. The Executive Committee shall have power to arrange for a dinner, or other collation, annually, as they may deem most appropriate. Since 1856, £857, principally since [8 — , others leaving access to Rivers and the collections o! A few of the names of the principal emi- grants appear in a letter addressed to them by the Lords Prop'rs of Carolina in April, 1693. Captain Arabin and Caroline de Malaearre, his wife, took the little orphan home, the father having bequeathed his treasure to the uncle and aunt until such time as she should he claimed by her grandfather, with the earnest de- sire that she should be brought up in the fear of Cod. In case any of these dates should fall upon a day inconvenient for the proper celebration thereof, the Ex- ecutive Committee shall appoint for the meeting the next most convenient day. Notices of meetings shall be given at least one week in advance SEC. It shall always require fifteen members to consti- tute a quorum for the transaction of business. Truly history is written on meagre evidence", in this case happily supported by alter discovered evidence. \m\ it is hoped to present an authoritative account oi the colony, from its inception in Kugland to itepm\ keeper 01 the l'ublic Records, accompanied wnh a schedule ol the paper copied. Randolph to the Lords ol [Vatic nearly twenty years later in March, 1699, wherein is an account of the four different places where these Erencli Protestants dwelt and the exact number in each place, the 24 Total being 438. A'lannen was only included in the Dutch states in \ff-2f). In his death he showed the depth of his Christian char- acter. Minutes ,of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Society, A])ril 17th, 1902. An Address on the Early Huguenots, delivered before the Society by Col. \\A to m\ Sisters Mariano and Susana each of them a gold ring. Presi- dent's Address at Annual Meetings of 1893 and [894.

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