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The steering is quick and accurate with lovely weighting, even if it doesn’t exude oodles of feel.

Mayadating com

1951) har studert samfunnsvitenskapelige fag (statsvitenskap, sosiologi, offentlig rett) ved Universitetet i Oslo (

1974) og er autorisert som flerspråklig (engelsk, tysk, fransk) lokalguide i Oslo (1971).

I'd love to get one but my family are in remote locations. Nearest superchargers are 200 mile roundtrip and it takes 48 hours to recharge on a normal socket when you arrive.

Otherwise for the other 46 weeks of the year it would be fine and hiring a normal car instead wouldn't have autonomous driving from Devon to Scotland which would be awesome!

In case you missed it - 150-200 miles on single charge.

You'll also notice we don't generally run the tanks dry on every conventionally fuelled car we drive, for largely the same reasons.

For a big saloon that’s capable of transporting five people in comfort – or seven if you get a third row of seats fitted – it handles and steers beautifully.

Yes, you can feel there’s considerable mass around you as you carve between apexes, but the body stays superbly controlled with next to no roll.

som styreleder i voksenopplæringsorganisasjonen Studieforbundet Solidaritet (1999-2008) og Stiftelsen Norsk Utvandrermuseum (2010–2015), og var 2008–2013 daglig leder i Romanifolkets/taternes kulturfond.

NTNU har lenge samarbeidet med med idrettsutøvere, idretten og Olympiatoppen, og det gir resultater!

Han har 35 års erfaring som forlagsredaktør (Kunnskapsforlaget 1979-2007, fra 2007 eget forlag: sterke ord) og har bl.a.

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