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→ 3-star: City Star Yangon (40$/night) - Find a lower price on Hotels Combined.→ 2-star and dormitory Backpacker Bed and Breakfast (10$-20$/night) - Compare rates on Hotels Combined.

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→ 5-star: Shangri-La Hotel Sule: 200$/night - Find the cheapest price on Hotels Combined.

→ 4-star: Best Western Chinatown Hotel (80$/night) - Check the best rate on Hotels Combined.

Inside high-rise buildings, you'll find the famous JJ Entertainment (the most popular among foreigners) and the more local Nasa, Channel V, 9 Floor and Asia Entertainment City. It has 3 different areas: A beer garden with a large screen, a bar, and a small nightclub. → Prostitution: At least 80% of the girls → Entrance fee: 10,000MMK with a beer or a glass of spirits → Open everyday until 4AM A nightclub walking distance from DJ's Bar. Mid-to-upper class customers, including some working girls.

This is the older part of town where most tourists stay when they visit Yangon. → Crowd: 95% Burmese, 5% foreigners → Prostitution: I'm not sure but I would say more than 50% with some KTV girls.

The clubs, bars and restaurants are diverse and they are scattered around a large area. → Entrance fee: 10,000MMK with one beer → Open every day until 4AM A very famous club among expats and tourists (looking for sex). → Entrance fee: 4,000MMK with 2 beers in a plastic cup. → Open every day until 2AM A new club targeting wealthy Burmese, but not busy unless they have special events.

Some are popular with backpackers (part of 19th Street and particularly Kosan bar), some with Chinese visitors (Emperor KTV in City Central Plaza), some with NGO workers (7th Joint), some with Burmese (Cuba), some with businessmen (Club 5 in Parkroyal Hotel) and some with expats (50th Street Café, Union). → Open every day until 4AM Modern club with international standards. The area is dodgy but the place in itself is luxurious by Myanmar standards. Two floors above they have a spa with massage plus plus. → Open every day until 2AM Maybe the most underground nightclub I've been to in Yangon. → Crowd: 95% Burmese → Prostitution: There were very few girls, at least half were prostitutes.

Yangon nightclubs are similar to each other, probably because they are owned and managed by just a few different individuals. → Crowd: 20% Burmese, 80% foreigners (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese mostly) → Prostitution: Close to 100% → Entrance fee: 5,000MMK for men and 3,000MMK for girls with a beer → Open every day until 2AM. It is like a softer version of the ecstasy discos in North Jakarta. → Crowd: 99% Burmese, 1% young foreigners (or less). → Entrance fee: I didn't pay → Open every day until 3AM The largest nightlife complex in Yangon, there is a spa, a KTV, a fashion show lounge and a disco. → Crowd: 40% Chinese, 35% Burmese, 20% Other Asians, 5% Westerners → Prostitution: Close to 100% → Entrance fee: 5,000MMK with a beer → Open every day until 2AM For mysterious reasons, this brothel is popular with tourists (even Western girls).

Below is a short description of each of them (you can click on the name to read my full review). Also called 9-F, it is a large, local club with a very young crowd. Inside, you'll find a main room with mild "fashion" shows and several karaoke rooms.

Make sure you have a solid travel insurance that covers your whole trip. You can easily get a quotation in 1 minute: How Much Does Travel Insurance Costs? Within the Inya Lake Hotel compound, there are 2 upmarket nightclubs (DJ's Bar and Inya Bar).

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