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I've worked in a corporate environment for 15 years.

I'm very good at it, was promoted frequently and was very successful, but I will not engage in conference calls. You've got six or eight people on the line introducing themselves for the first five minutes.

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She stopped watching season two of True Detective after the first episode. And by stopping giving a fuck about these things, she realised she had more time, energy and money (her working definition of a ‘fuck’) to dedicate to the things and people in life that she did care about.

There was a period of eight or nine years between the time I got married and the time I really started advancing in my career and then last summer, after eight years of consideration, I decided to leave my corporate career, which was 15 years in the making.

I realised that it's a lot easier to start with inanimate objects, then the workplace and then move your way to friends and then family, which is a lot harder. For me, I was so concerned with what other people thought to the detriment of what I wanted and I think that we as people just put way too much stock in other people's opinions.

As I say in the book, you can't control what someone else thinks of you.

The fucks that I gave in regards to planning my wedding were very much family oriented and the fucks that I gave in regards to my career were very much work orientated.

That's how I came up with my four categories of fuck giving.

She didn’t give a fuck about how much money she was leaving on the table, or what people thought of her decision.

She didn’t want to spend 90 minutes a day on a sweaty subway. In her pajamas, eating whatever she damn well pleased.

A holiday spent with 16 of those folks can get a little irritating so this year, there was a five day holiday proposed and we just flew in for two days of it. So I recommend, when it comes to RSVPing to events or taking on work on a particular deadline or hanging out with people you don't like, is consider the consequences for yourself before you say yes and then if you say no in a timely fashion, nobody has anything to be upset with you about. It's about not getting sucked into what I call the 'Likeability Vortex', which is where you are more concerned with being liked than you are with being worthy of respect.

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