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Hargitay has received both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for her portrayal of Benson.In season 13, Detectives Benson and Tutuola are the senior detectives in the precinct.

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After Lake kills a suspect, Stabler accuses Tutuola of tipping him off before he is taken into custody and checks his phone records.

Tutuola admits he called Lake, but says he did not expect him to run.

Throughout the first few episodes of season 13, she struggles to cope with the retirement of Stabler as she is more harsh and argumentative, as seen when she berates ADA Novak for "losing her nerve" after Novak said that Benson was "off." Her primary partner from season 13 to 14 has been Nick Amaro, but is also seen working with Tutuola and Detective Amanda Rollins at times.

Upon the retirement of Sergeant Munch at the beginning of season 15, Captain Cragen recommends to her that she should take the sergeant's exam, as she was now his second in command.

He transferred out of narcotics after his partner was shot.

He initially has a rocky relationship with his colleagues in SVU, especially his partner John Munch and Olivia Benson.

At the end of season 15, she became a foster mother to Noah Porter, formally adopting him at the end of season 16.

She is taken hostage midway through season 17 ("Townhouse Incident"), but is rescued unharmed.

Stabler quasi-apologizes for not trusting him, but Tutuola dismisses his apology because he believes Stabler will always be the same "bulldog".

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