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The 34-year-old systems engineer in Seattle has been a user of other services such as Hello Fresh and Sun Basket, as well as Blue Apron and Home Chef.

On Sunday night he prepared the Steak Au Poivre, which serves two and is listed at .99 on the Amazon site.

“I already purchased one of their quinoa veggie versions and will definitely be trying out more of their options as the prices are the same or slightly lower per serving than other services,” Chadd said.

However, she's not allowed to see what her dates look like."This show is fun and fresh and we believe it will appeal to our current and future Prime members.

It is based on the premise of choosing a date, but with a big twist and in a never before seen format in India.

Vegetarian options are the cheapest at $15.99 each.

As for whether he’ll try it again and what else is on the menu this week, Chadd has already ordered another meal.

[FOLLOW-UP: We made dinner at home with Amazon’s new meal-kits: Is it better than Blue Apron?

] Josh Chadd said that the Meal Kits starting showing up in his Amazon Fresh search results about a week or two ago; user reviews indicate that the service has been available since late June."Hear Me Love Me was originally devised by Fremantle Media's Israeli production company Abot Hameiri.Amazon Prime day 2017 ended at 3am EST on Wednesday, July 12th with a BANG – by breaking all the company’s (Amazon, Inc) sales records and setting new one.“Everything about the meal was good, but the parmesan fries and the pepper cream sauce were the highlight for me,” Chadd said.The Meal Kits site currently shows 17 different meals, including Roast Chicken with Tarragon-Mushroom Sauce; Tacos al Pastor with Pork; Veggie Burger with Harissa Aioli & Smoked Eggplant; Wagyu Beef Burger with Bacon Jam & Sweet Potato Fries; and more.Successfully produced in seven countries, this is a fun, entertainment format that, for the first time, looks at love through the millennial lens," added Aradhana Bhola, MD, Fremantle Media India.

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