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The city has a regional function for neighbouring Southwest Drenthe and the Kop van Overijssel.

Meppel is the only city with a proper harbour in the whole of Drenthe.

The A32 connects Meppel to the A7 and A31, which connect to the Afsluitdijk, and thereby make North Holland relatively close-by.

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Maarook bijzondere winkeltjes zijn te vinden in Meppel. Ook is er een aantal koopzondagen per jaar in Meppel. Elke donderdag is er markt op het Kerkplein en de Wheem van 8.00 tot 12.30 uur (van oktober t/m maart 8.30-12.30 uur).

Elke zaterdag is er markt op het Kerkplein van 9.00 tot 17.00 uur.

Meppel is located by the intersection of the A28/E232 and the A32.

The A28 connects the city directly to Zwolle, Amersfoort and Utrecht as well as Hoogeveen and Groningen.

The city is surrounded by scenic landscapes and offers many hiking and cycling routes.

Aside from nature you can find medieval churches and limekilns.Retailers have reported that 0.6% of their inventory is lost to shoplifting.Stores use a number of strategies to reduce shoplifting, including storing small, expensive items in locked glass cases; chaining or otherwise attaching items to shelves or clothes racks (particularly expensive items); attaching magnetic or radio sensors or dyepacks to items; installing curved mirrors mounted above shelves or video cameras and video monitors, hiring plainclothes "store detectives" and security guards, and banning the bringing in of backpacks or other bags.This harbour is officially the most land inward harbour of the Netherlands, as well as the biggest one of the Northern Netherlands.Surrounded by water and located in the Reestdal is the cozy city of Meppel, the most southern point of Drenthe.In Overijssel you will find small villages such as Staphorst as well, known for its classic clothing (which is worn amongst a decent amount of its citizens) and high numbers of religious citizens.

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