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that the Conservative Revolution wanted to return to the pre-Christian Gaia-mythology, because the Christian image of man brought with it the cultural optimism, which made possible the modern development of mankind.The sooner the whole historical truth about the British Empire leads to its well-deserved end, the better.

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Prince Philip's adviser for religion and climate questions, Martin Palmer, who, in preparation for the December Conference, co-organized a so-called "Summit of Conscience" in Paris on July 21, in his role as general secretary of the "Alliance for Religion and the Environment" (ARC), attacked the "anthropocentric gospel" there.

By this he means that religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have had difficulty understanding that man is simply not that important.

For example, Winston Churchill deliberately ordered the removal of foodstuffs for the starving Bengali population, which cost four million Bengalis their lives in 1943.

When conscience-stricken British officials alluded to the dimensions of the tragedy which his decision had caused, Churchill only answered: The fall of the British monarchy would have a liberating effect for all Europe, but especially for Germany, because it would break the continuity of geopolitical manipulation and world wars which has persisted from the dismissal of Otto von Bismarck, deliberately arranged by the British manipulation, to the present day, and of which the tightening of austerity policy toward Greece after the visit of the Queen to Berlin, and the sanctions against Russia are only the latest examples.

He believes there must be a debate between members of these religions, in order to stamp out the idea that mankind represents something unique.

Here there comes to light the man-hating ideology which is the same as that of the Conservative Revolution, founded against the "ideas of 1789," and of the Nazis and the Green movement: that man is only a higher beast, and therefore human life should be no more sacrosanct than that of the animals; therefore, if required, the numbers of people could also be reduced - as the helots were in ancient Sparta, or the "useless eaters" under the Nazis, or even up to six billion people, who must be sacrificed to the goal of 'saving the climate.Greece and its creditors are working on the draft of a new bailout of up to 86 billion euros ( billion) in exchange for further reforms, AFP reported.They are aiming for a deal before Greece must repay 3.4 billion euros to the European Central Bank on August 20. The local government / community will have to print IOU's or paper currency to reflect the actual value of the project to be undertaken, i.e. The people will agree on the value of the project and will be willing to accept the value printed on the IOUs as payment in exchange for their labor;.The quicker the House of Windsor lands in the rubbish heap of history, the better are the chances for reorganizing the totally bankrupt trans - Atlantic financial system, and avoiding a new - this time thermonuclear - world war.In that context, the publication of a 17 second-long video, in which the seven or eight year old Elizabeth - later Queen Elizabeth II - is seen presenting a Hitler-salute, is only the tip of the iceberg.Gigantic, an exposed amiable hope owned and every to discovery the mood, so I thought on the midnight ride dating, rated over the future and every it.

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