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In fact, although neither of them is competing in the games this year, one of the most memorable Winter Olympics romances is between arch rivals Julie Chu, the one-time captain of the U. Women's Ice Hockey team, and Caroline Ouellette, former captain of the Canadian Women's Ice Hockey team.

(They welcomed an extremely adorable baby last year.)It's easy to see why Olympians would make compatible partners: they each understand the dedication and time commitment required to be a professional athlete, and they're likely a little more empathetic about grueling travel and training schedules.

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Great game for adults - single, engaged or married Have a "Date Night" & see how well you know each other.

of hooking up between athletes in the Olympic Village, some of them are also happily partnered to each other.

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The Knierims will be Team USA's only pairs figure skaters this year, and according to NBC, they are the first American married couple at the Olympics in 20 years.

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