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-ajfi r#1HB fln« ahip PATRIARCH, rtnj^^y M Tucker, mnax'T, gi ca to aea on a HE Sunday.

Hat tioe Uont aocotn Buda- tiona lot * few cabin, inti rnw Uata, and atearagt pa—iiim.

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An early in p.ciion it iaritcd, «aahe will aall pntlllrelr m i,o 8uh October, f JWAIN, WBBis, ASD t-O.

Itiet* Sydney erery _ Ti'UCit kioht el a o\loek, ATEhnlf ii uiio •( B o'clock.

Phtanix Wharf, Ertkine- l OBil FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1853.

T Boat* 1 1 1 WANTED one Whnlo Boat, two Jolly Strata, and two Lmg B

foe tht final lueoeai of the snderuking, I tannin, gnur faithful aertaii L CHa RLBB OOWPBR. U4CI Y UN K Y Htll Hr.l, It MUN.— •v^ Dlrtire nerrioe will ha hajfl an board the abla Waller Uood, lying at the Circulat (July.

H B well known tirat^Lui trader ALERT, 391 tone, F, m~ Thit I htard, and will hato u/r ck daapalrh.

' T* H E aplendtil pnddle ^ lt A I ilaamib V LONDON, (nr. Her tnginra are beam anl leeer, by Napier, and of ! Thia moat aaperlor tratel waa (milt of wood, by Ueaere. gow, and waa leal year mad* a thoroughly ne w rteat J, at aa attortaout coat, hating at the aama unit recti ted new boil en of tht very brat deacripitoa .

boil I in the New York, of the beat lire coppered and on p pet ualtnedl and la well found lb anile and atorea of tl, drweripllnat. I1«a7 WHAKFAQK, Bbrng*, Ire — The rrnderetgned can accoatreatrdate mer- chanta and captaina of r oa r r la with wharlage. Ie44d S~ HIP'S BOAT, — Wanted, a good r Jinirt built Bail.

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