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I have solved the case to my own satisfaction - that is, enough to quell that gnawing curiosity that drove me at the beginning.No, I do not have enough to prove it, but if and when Operation Grange produce results, I will know if they followed the right tracks or are selling us a load of old baloney.

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These trolls collected the names and comments of the Mc Cann critics on their website 'Exposing the Myths', along with abusive photoshopped images of their victims and their families.

Their main threat to those questioning the Mc Canns, was public exposure as an 'online hater', with your employers, your neighbours, friends family etc, being informed of your internet behaviour.

Many of my readers, I think, have much the same philosophy as myself, that is, their need to solve the puzzle is far greater than any need for retribution.

We still trust that justice will be achieved through the due judicial process, that is those responsible for the crimes herein, will stand trial.

Meanwhile, the perpetual tweets, and the recycling of stories that never worked first time round are just insulting by the 20th.

In all honesty, I am tired of arguing the same points, over and over.

We have all tried, every which way but loose, to rule the parents out of Madeleine's disappearance.

Some of us, simply because we do not want to lose that much faith in human nature.

Coined by two 'Geordies', Phil Shotton and Keith Jobling, resident in Manchester at the time. Its magical qualities brings into question whether the sports contestant was actually injured at all.

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