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Also a manual mode is new for when you are running around taking pictures to be uploaded to your website/email account on the go with one simple tap. Invisible Background mode available now to save power or hide the cam.Autofocus can now be used in and the camera can be remote-controlled by sending SMS commands to your phone.

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Also waits for gps now, shows more motion detection info, some repairs from reports (config.txt, crash on devices without wifi?

, higher default cam delay, ...) Edit: version 2.98: imprint picture scaling, all transparent colors can be set, sdcard delete old pictures, a little work on gps stuff Edit: version 2.97: night auto stuff again, sdcard file broadcast to mediascanner, transparent colors can be set, camera deadlock for event trigger photo burst fix Edit: version 2.96: night auto disable fix, sdcard path, imprint stamp picture downloadable from URL Edit: version 2.95: night setup, camera open wait time for phone that otherwise produce overexposed pictures in the background modes Edit: version 2.93: default exposure back to 50 (fix for darker pictures), front cam flip/rotate, possibility for trigger pause time, dropbox batch upload Edit: version 2.92: fixed crash, made camera effect setting (zoom, exposure, white balance, color effect, scene mode) more interactive, fixed mirrored pictures Edit: version 2.87: picture burst mode after trigger, moved broadcast receiver mode to event triggers, added event notification to email, added more camera settings (scene modes, color effects), timestamped httppost filename for opensmartcam Edit: version 2.86: color stuff, alignment, ftp ending fix, background mode switch fix Edit: version 2.85: shutdown, imprints, galaxy S camera error 0 fix, email trigger Edit: version 2.82: ftp batch mode, small fixes Edit: version 2.81: some new config crash fixes fixed, log, backup/restore, keep ftp connection log frequency Edit: version 2.76: more webinterface, config help, fullscreen preview option, fix for crash on large screen devices (sorry, I do not own one) Edit: version 2.73: custom font and typeface added to imprint settings, crash fix for opensmartcam reg error Edit: version 2.7: Welcome screen, remote control website (see, 2.71 fixes the original size picture upload if not enough memory Edit: version 2.64: Nexus 7 frontcam only devices work now Edit: version 2.63: dropbox authentication method changed to web Edit: version 2.61: flashlight toggle 2.62 Actionbar for Android 3.0 Edit: version 2.52: custom picture sizes ( fix from 2.51) Edit: version 2.37: started to experiment with photo effects like instagram Edit: version 2.36: webserver (wifi only) now also streams mjpeg, ... I already thought about using my little webspace and allow only one refresh a day or so to enable people to try the app but that will be so much better!

This is a fun app where you can view the webcam of your PC on your phone.

Not what I was looking for: a way to monitor my house while away.

Weisky Smart Home WIFI IP Camera 1、Mobile phone software download:1) IOS user can download and install Yoosee in Apple official shop2) Android user can enter website : and install Yoosee3) Android version and IOS version can scan the QR code to download the software directly 2、Mobile phone ID register Note:first open the “Yoosee” software ,user need register one ID as the following: 4) if register successfully,it will show “congratulations,register successfully”,and the system will distribute one ID to you automatically at the same time.please remember this ID,it can be used as the user name ,click “confirm”,input the password you set just now again,then you can log in normally.3、Mobile phone network connection There are two ways for connecting device to network:1) Wired connection:after the camera power on,connect one end of the cable to the camera ,the other end to the router LAN port(please be sure the router open the DHCP function) ,the network light will be normally on after connection successfully.2) WIFI connection:the users can follow the below ways if they wants to start using WIFI to get connection with the camera when the camera is wired connection:A、please add the devise to the Yoosee device list: “Add device”,please view the fifth part for the detail steps.

B、open Yoosee software,1、choose“device”,click device name,choose “settings”;2、choose “network settings”3、(please don’t choose “WIFI” directly at the moment )the following will search all of the WIFI signal near it automatically,choose your WIFI ID 4、input WIFI password,open wifi successfully.4、Add device on mobile phone How to add the device to device list:1)、In the device list interface of the“Yoosee”software,when the camera is in network and the phone is in the same WIFI,both of them are in one LAN,the software will find all the devices automatically,and only need choose ,add and set the access password is ok.2)、intelligent online:open the Yoosee software,click “Device”,choose the“ ”button ,choose “intelligent online”,click next and then choose the WIFI and WIFI password you need,click the “next” again ,connect the device.

I will use this with an old phone with broken touch input (but luckily a dpad) and a simple free sim card wich has 30MB data traffic free/month (don't know if providers in other countries offer something like that).

So I can have about 20 picture refreshes a day at a location with no WIFI or 3G (and of course no cable/dsl/...). In the App activity times can be set so no black night views.

For easy setup with a nice user interface have a look at - they offer camera webspace and the ftp setup with Mobile Web Cam is very easy.

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