Most intimidating birds in sports

Her work with the large African monkeys known as mandrills shows that red coloration gives males an advantage when it comes to mating.

The finding that red also has an advantage in human sporting events does not surprise her, addding that "the idea of the study is very clever." Sexual Draw Hill and Barton got the idea for their study study out of a mutual interest in the evolution of sexual signals in primates—"red seems to be the color, across species, that signals male dominance and testosterone levels," Barton said.

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Most intimidating birds in sports

When otherwise equally matched with their opponent in fitness and skill, athletes wearing red were more likely to win the bout.

"Where there was a large point difference—presumably because one contestant was far superior to the other—color had no effect on the outcome," Barton said.

Witness comic book lore turn into reality with these 25 of the world’s most bizarre people.

But what if I were to tell you these people are real and are but a few of a wider collection of even weirder people.

Starlings there caused $9 million in damages to agricultural operations over five years.

Nationwide, starlings cause 0 million in damage to agricultural operations each year, according to a Cornell University estimate.

At one feed lot, some 200,000 starlings gathered each day, lining fence tops, wires, water troughs and even perching on top of cows.

They've learned to steal the most nutritious morsels from the cattle troughs and pose an ever-present threat of moving disease from one ranch to another, said Roger Woodruff, director of Wildlife Services in Washington.

Within a day or two, starlings keel over from organ failure.

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