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However, the blast was larger than expected, plus it first erupted sideways to the north instead of vertically.

Of the 57 people that died, all but three were the exclusion zone. Wrong geological ideas have also led people to wrong ideas about the Bible—that the events it describes were mythological and did not actually happen.

He published extensively on how that catastrophe sheds light on the global catastrophe of Noah’s Flood, which is a key to confirming the Bible’s truth.

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Mudflows draining the volcano’s crater also eroded this canyon in the same time period.

Once again, the force of the mud cut through solid rock, including old, andesite lava flows.

The big surprise was that the sediment deposited in fine layers called laminae.

You would expect a catastrophic, high speed ash flow to churn the fine particles and form a uniform, well-mixed deposit.

Thus, it had been conventionally thought that fine layers had to accumulate very slowly one upon the other over hundreds of years.

But Mount St Helens showed that the coarse and fine material automatically separated into thin, distinct bands, demonstrating that such deposits can form very quickly from fast flowing fluids (liquids and gases).Its smoke and rumbling were warning that something big was building up.Officials set up an exclusion zone around the volcano based on scientists’ ideas about how an eruption would occur.Since then, laboratory experiments have shown that fine laminae also form quickly from flowing water.The Mount St Helens eruption also demonstrated how canyons can be formed much faster and in a different manner than conventionally thought.When we see what the volcano did in such a short time, we can better appreciate how the catastrophe of Noah’s Flood formed the much larger geological features on planet Earth.

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