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"We'd like to say thank you very much for your miracle website which made us to be a husband and wife on February 3, 2008.Please pray for sakinah, mawaddah and warrahmah of our marriage life." "I would like to thank you really for your help and support.The significance of April 3, 2018, was not immediately clear.

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This service is for practising Muslims who are seeking marraige and accept polygamy as lifestyle This is where an individual has more than one spouse and everyone is in agreement. Polygamy is a choice and a way of life for thousands of people worldwide. I feel comfortable as all my pictures are private and users need authorisation before seeing them.

I can also browse profiles for compatibility without revealing myself searching.

Riaz Ahmed, a Liberal Democrat councilor in Bradford, in West Yorkshire County, said he had received one of the letters at his business address.“It seems strange that anyone would send something like this to an address in a predominantly Muslim area,’’ Mr. “When I opened it and saw the content, I was horrified.”People in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, London and Sheffield have also reported receiving the notes, according to the authorities, a member of Parliament and Tell Mama, an organization that monitors anti-Muslim activity.“This has caused quite a lot of fear within the community,” Iman Atta, the director of Tell Mama, told the local news media.

“They are asking if they are safe, if their children are safe to play outdoors.

Inside was a message so hateful that it sent out ripples of alarm and prompted a national counterterrorism investigation.

The message said that April 3 would be “Punish a Muslim Day,” and that points would be awarded for acts of violence: 25 points for pulling off a woman’s head scarf, 500 points for murdering a Muslim and 1,000 for bombing a mosque.

That increase, at 29 percent, was the largest since the Home Office began recording figures in 2011-12.

The episodes have included arson attacks on mosques and schools.

“I came to this country when I was 12 years old from Pakistan.

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