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It is without a doubt that many ladies offer sensual massage, naturist massage and tantric massage – veiled under the term “Tantric Services” which are really sex workers, escort girls and prostitutes veiling their paid for sexual services as Tantra.

Many yogis practice to raise this energy for years – and never achieve it.

I feel gifted, that I have enabled and facilitated around 98% of my clients to achieve this state of tantric bliss.

Wandering hands and inappropriate touching is not what a genuine tantrika will be promoting, advertising or generally allowing within their sessions.

Obviously, there are always exceptions to the rule!

It is a very understood term within the escort and sex worker industry.

It is up to you to find out how much of a sexual service they are providing – you may even by able to get full sex with this one!

As authentic tantra does not include mutual intimate touching, oral or blow jobs or sex.

These activities are what the escorts will provide for you – very easily.

I am essentially working with white tantra and use red tantra in terms of raising the kundalini energy (the sexual energy) in a spiritual way, as a naturist massage to awaken your sexual energy (kundalini).

Once this energy is awakened, amazing things can happen in your life.

They generally give themselves away by posing naked in very provocative poses!

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