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In an MTV special at that time, the actor was seen calling his dad and telling him he was going to ask Sophia to marry him.

Then Murray laughed with pal and House of Wax co-star Jared Padalecki that his dad wasn't overly excited about the news. We don't get married in our family.” Nevertheless, the actor went ahead with his plans and also called Bush's father to ask for her hand.

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“I am glad this is being resolved sooner rather than later.” Murray added, “I am saddened to announce that Sophia and I are separating.

This is a very difficult time for me.” In early 2006, Bush petitioned to have the marriage annulled, citing “fraud,” but in the papers filed with the court, there was no explanation of what type of fraud it was.

A fraud claim to have a marriage annulled can be “difficult to prove,” according to a lawyer who spoke with People at the time.

In essence, an annulment states that the marriage was never valid to begin with and that some type of deception was involved.

“I couldn’t bring her home until the sun went down because I had 500 candles and 20 bouquets of roses set up,” Murray told People.

“Then I had this big light strand on a tennis court with a message (spelled out) to her that you could see looking down from the balcony of our 18th-floor penthouse.” After such a carefully planned and heartfelt proposal, Murray and Bush took another year to plan their wedding, and it reportedly was a beautiful event.In retrospect, that storyline was so dumb because it was clearly just done to demonize Brooke so that more people would get on board the Lucas/Peyton train But I did enjoy it purely for the fun of seeing Brooke and Nathan having more screen time.We've talked about on-set romances before – those that have stood the test of time and those that didn't work out – but Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's short-lived marriage still holds a fascination for many.What happened to this celebrity pairing everyone rooted for?Here are 17 Crazy Secrets Behind Chad Michael Murray And Sophia Bush’s Brief Marriage. Murray himself talked about why he connected to the role. My mother left when I was a kid and felt I had the opportunity to bring the truth and reality to a story I don't think a lot of people may have the opportunity to bring the truth in and tell that story the way I see it through my eyes.” Bush, on the other hand, had to audition three times for the role of Brooke Davis. The WB show became a hit after its 2003 premiere, and Murray, as the brooding and sensitive Lucas, was immediately a fan favorite.As Murray and Bush got closer working together on the series, a real-life love sprung up between them as well, and the two started dating pretty soon after the show began.

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