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Hissing and growling he spurted his first thick load of hot semen in the back of my stretched throat.

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As newfound lovers he escorted me along the cobblestone streets of Paris.

Without hesitation and with urgency I bent on one knee, my mouth bobbing over his thick hard cock.

Saliva spilled over my well manicured hands, as his hips thrust into my face, his shaft hard as steel.

Releasing my lips from his spent cock, I licked my messy lips while peering up at him.

Clasping my arms, then my hips, he pulled me into his loving embrace as we shared his tangy, salty mixture We both looked around, realizing what his naughty little muse had done in public, on the streets of the romantic city of Paris.Sucking deeper down the base of his girth he cupped my face as I sucked him long and deep.He pulled me by my hair as my mouth slithered up and down feeling his balls tighten before he exploded in my mouth.We’re offering all first time purchasers a special deal! We also respect your privacy so you can choose anonymous chat if you prefer to keep your details private.Real life slaves, total ownership, wallets ripping. When you enter My world, leave your ego, pride and dignity; forget all about your manhood, being in control, having any power; come in complete surrender and bow in front of Me in total obedience.

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