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His eyes were fixed upon mine, as I stared into his lust filled eyes.Passion was building as the brilliant night lights beamed against my curvy thighs." We continued following the path along the Seine River walk, hand in hand.

As newfound lovers he escorted me along the cobblestone streets of Paris.

We shared the dusk night as we walked arm in arm, leaning in for that warm caress.

His strong fingers curled deep inside my naughty, tight and wet pussy.

Without hesitation he bit my shoulder, marking me as his, while his fingers fucked me deeper into orgasmic bliss.

Urgently I fumbled for the zipper of his black dress slacks.

Quickly he started assisting me, releasing his thick swollen shaft.

At first I whimpered gently, then more insistently begged him to fuck me harder.

Taking one of his still wet fingers he began teasing my anus.

Pressing against my pelvis, he murmured in my ear, "Suck me," giving my smooth rounded ass a smack.

Without hesitation and with urgency I bent on one knee, my mouth bobbing over his thick hard cock.

My yearning wet pussy spurted white creamy mixtures of warm cum over his thrusting fingers.

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