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“He knows that we’re all about the quick fix—more guards, more prisons, more punishment.

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Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola; MPLA), led by Agostinho Neto and based in Luanda, took power, an act that was internationally, though not universally, recognized.

The constitution of 1975 established a one-party state headed by a prime minister and deputy prime minister were abolished in 1978, with a prime minister not appointed again until 1991; a National People’s Assembly was created in 1980.

He said he doesn’t care which religion a prisoner adopts; any faith that leads to “moral rehabilitation” is fine with him.

He even had a kind word for polytheistic religions.

President Neto died in Moscow in 1979 and was replaced by the minister of planning, José Eduardo dos Santos.

Early in 1990 the government proposed separating the offices of chairman of the party and president of state, a division already mandated by the constitution.Cain’s invitation to the Baptists was also prompted by a secular concern.In the 1990s, state and federal government funding for prisoner education was slashed—it was Bill Clinton who ended the Pell Grant program for incarcerated Americans—and the Baptists, as well as other private institutions, helped Cain keep Angola’s vocational training programs alive.Prisoner education is just one subject on which Cain sounds like a liberal reformer.One day, while we were driving in his SUV to Angola’s corn-processing facility, Cain told me, “If a person wants to learn, we have a responsibility to help him learn.These are some of the most forsaken men in all of America.

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