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"I want my life to be embedded in my work, crushed into my painting, like a pressed car. If the spirit of being isn't present in the face of this work, it should be destroyed because it's meaningless.I am not making some things, I am making a synonym for the truth with all it's falsehoods.." wrote Julian Schnabel in his Madrid notebooks, and sentiments very much realised by Doležel.

But she eventually developed a style in part inspired by Hieronymous Bosch's paintings, and the black-humoured cartoons found in newspapers her Czechoslovakian grandmother would send from Prague.

These inspired her to make prints and paintings that reflected some of their other-worldly visionary quality, combined with references of the familiar, and contemporary urban experiences. Without my relationship to what may seem like these inanimate objects, I am just an indulgent misfit.

Her work is represented in collections in most public galleries in New Zealand, and also in Australia and Ukraine, as well in many private collections throughout the world.

Jenny Doležel lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand and Berlin, Germany.

She believes the meanings that arise from the images are similar to meanings of images in dreams.

There are limitless interpretations and stories about a dream with no one interpretation being the true one.In 1988 TVNZ's art programme Kaleidoscope made a documentary on Doležel's art (director Roger Price).The Fresno Art Museum in CA, USA made another documentary in 1993 (director Mark Alvis) to accompany her exhibition at the museum – this being her first exhibition in the USA.Jenny Doležel's work is an exploration of a psychological and physical territory that exists in the elusive realm between the known and the unknown, the real and the imagined.From an early age Doležel began experimenting with everything from performance art, video to installation - dealing with ideas of nihilism and the transience of life.Much of Doležel's works are informed both conceptually and technically, by her experience of working in mezzotint, an intaglio printmaking process where the image is pulled (burnished) out of the darkness (of the rich velvety rocked up ground before being printed), and therefore deals directly with the theatre of revealing and concealing.

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