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But, through telephone calls, Western Union money transfers, and other gifts you bombard your bride and future in-laws and convince them you are "a damned rich man" in America, the land flowing with milk and honey.You want the women back home to look up to you as "Big Oga" moving up on the economic ladder because it makes you appear to be more than you really are, at least, in the initial stages.Additionally, you think African girls in the United States have all gone bad, rotten, too exposed, too independent.

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Nigerian men are well liked in foreign lands because they are thought to be the cream of the African crop.

Nigerian men are egalitarian, open, unrestricted, and uncensored.

You could have easily knocked me down with a bird feather when this man's wife suddenly appeared on the scene.

She was a doctor, and she came weekends to help keep books for her husband's sprawling empire.

I will add that Nigerian husbands are some of the nicest set of people, and I know quite a number of them; good men, upright men, and it is not their fault that the women left. You know you couldn't have her in Nigeria when you were in your twenties because you weren't an old sugar daddy You weren't Sonny Ade, Fela Ramson Kuti, nephew of the oil minister, the son of an Nnewi transporter Ekele Dilichukwu, or directly in line to inherit the property of an importer of building materials from a village of Osumenyi in Anambra State. I will wager that most Nigerian men in the United States didn't realize they were racing against the clock when they waited too late to marry. As I was roaming Alaba Market in Lagos one summer, I stumbled over what I thought was the answer.

Mistake Two: YOU ARE NAÏVE WHEN IT COMES TO LOVEIn Nigeria, most Nigerian women would marry anyone who could provide a measure of security. Here was an unusual Igboman named Simon Onyekwere (not real name) who was married to a lady medical doctor.

I define security as refuse, sanctuary, defense, protection, precaution, safety. The man was in his late fifties or early sixties, as dark and greasy as la raccoon laid back as a stretcher, and couldn't be considered handsome by any standards imaginable.

Love is the most misunderstood word in the English language. Simon Onyekwere had missing front teeth, the few good ones he had were extremely large and gave him the appearance of a chimpanzee.

Sooner or later, the Americn girls will discover you are not all you say you are, but they are too sure because you might well be Prince Ifediora when you return home.

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