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After working various gigs, including as an Amway salesman, Raniere made his first foray into multilevel marketing in 1990, with a buyers’ club called Consumers’ Buyline that soon boasted 200,000 members nationwide.

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Raniere’s twisted sexual beliefs made their way into the Nxivm curriculum, too, with “disturbing hypotheticals” that challenged “whether incest and rape are actually wrong,” prosecutors charge.

Raniere “physically assaulted at least two intimate partners” and punished one 20-something Nxivm member who developed romantic feelings for someone else by keeping her confined for 18 months, according to court documents.

After GR-3 leaves the Water Club, Kristin will have this deck ready for battle.

If GR-3 leaves the Water Club before the Grass Club is freed, Kristin will be ready to battle immediately following the Grass Club being freed.

From the earliest days, Raniere parlayed his female followers’ devotion into sexual relationships — keeping “a rotating group of 15 to 20 women with whom he maintains sexual relationships,” prosecutors wrote in their criminal complaint.

Many lived with him at his Clifton Park, NY, townhouse, while other followers moved nearby.Many of the women say they were branded near their groins with Raniere’s initials in a filmed “ceremony,” as other slaves held them down. We even had these surgical masks on because the smell of flesh was so strong. I felt — every part of my body was like: Get out of here. The women were also ordered by their masters to have sex with Raniere, and endure torture, including sleep deprivation, ice-cold showers and extreme low-calorie diets, prosecutors say.When the secret slave society was revealed in an October 2017 article in The New York Times, the FBI began probing Raniere and Nxivm — and he fled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with the help of Clare Bronfman’s cash, according to court documents.Upon the article’s release, actress Goldie Hawn pulled out of a scheduled speaking engagement at an Nxivm event.But stunningly, the sashes, the bowing, the hero worship and the bizarre monikers masked far more disturbing things going on behind the scenes.He attempted to go off the grid, using a bank account in “one of his dead lover’s names” that was stocked with million, as law enforcement closed in.

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