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Your boss may be bullying you if he intentionally assigns you tasks that he knows you are unqualified to complete and constantly finds fault with your work.

Your co-workers may be bullying you if they give you the "silent treatment" or otherwise consistently ostracize you. Superiors, peers or even subordinates may sabotage your work to provide a pretext for disciplining you or even firing you.

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No matter what your friend decides, make sure they know you’re there for them no matter what.

Workplace intimidation, also known as workplace bullying, occurs when a superior, peer or subordinate uses violence or blackmail to manipulate you or intentionally creates feelings of fear, inadequacy or awe.

You may have trouble sleeping at night and getting up in the morning, and you may come to believe that you are to blame for the way you are treated.

In extreme cases, workplace intimidation can lead to suicide.

It’s Like My Friend’s Relationship It can be hard to watch a friend go through something like this.

It’s ok to tell them they deserve to be treated with respect.Even more obvious types of intimidation are difficult to litigate unless they amount to sexual harassment or illegal discrimination.In cases of outrageous behavior, Texas allows a victim to assert a a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress as long as no other claim, such as sexual harassment, would adequately address the facts underlying the claim.He earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky College of Law.A compound noun is a noun that is formed from two or more words. The workplace bully, even if he is the owner, is not acting in the best interests of the company by bullying you.

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