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) For me, non-Muslim dating started in high school.

Yea, it’s high school and let’s be honest most of those relationships are puppy-love and absolutely mean nothing. You are driven to non-Muslims usually because of a lack of accessible Muslim talent and also you still think that everyone else around you thinks dating is completely wrong and no Muslim girl would want to do that with you.

You befriend more non-Muslims because hey they have more in common with you than the Muslims you do hang out with? Even dating a Muslim girl/guy you at least have that reminder to pray, or to respect Ramadan, and even the little Sunnahs we find ourselves following sometimes. You don’t get that potential for beneficial reminders and assistance.

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

It used to just be in areas where there wasn’t a big population of Muslims and kids just lost their way but now even in bigger Muslim communities you see Muslims and non-Muslims dating.

Now before I get into this, I’m sure a lot of people may have the opinion that it is probably better to date a non-Muslim than a Muslim girl/guy because then you aren’t causing another Muslim to sin.

They go into relationships with the thought of converting them and marrying them from the get-go and the non-Muslim may also understand this. Also, if you havent had enough of miss Afshad Azad I’ve got just the place for you:

There are obviously outliers, don’t let generalizations get in the way of understanding what I am saying. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that but the effects it can have on you might be. Obviously that last sentiment is pretty wrong today but I digress.Another big reason Muslims will date non-Muslims is because where they are in their own lives.Name & Store: Josh Knowlton – Old Saybrook Hometown: Meriden, CT How do you spend your days? Each meal is designed, prepped, and packaged up in Maine (this author's favorite state! Stuff your clothes for the next day in your sleeping bag's stuff sack to use as a pillow. There's an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using.Depending on the day, I’m either on the river with my partner and friends, working on projects around my house, or riding my bike whenever possible through the Connecticut River Valley What are your hobbies? Please obtain a new Access Token on the plugin's Settings page.But honestly from personal experience, that is usually true. Dating is just two people getting to know each other more intimately in a committed/or non-committed relationship but with no guarantee of anything in the future (ie. We date non-Muslims without a thought of the future but then our cultural and Islamic instincts kick in and we start thinking about marriage after a few months. Man she’ll convert for you, no problem.” Really guys? It’s bad enough we rationalize dating Muslims girls by saying we intend to marry them but now non-Muslims as well?

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