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By going out for lunch and catching a matinée, you can take advantage of lower prices and fewer people.Then, reserve the night for relaxing at home with your Valentine.Or, sign up to visit the elderly at a care center, where you can be a completely different kind of Valentine for someone in need.

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Volunteering is an ideal date idea for when you’re strapped for cash, since it’s totally free.

Cooking together is very romantic, so why does everyone eat out on Valentine’s Day?

Choose a few recipes you and your partner have always wanted to try, put on a sweet soundtrack, pour the wine, and go to work in your own kitchen.

Whether or not it’s restaurant-quality food isn’t an issue – the time spent together is the real purpose for a romantic evening in.

The bookstore might not sound like the most romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day, but consider this: You and your date show up and order some coffee, or bring some if there’s none on offer. You could even pick out a book for each other – or maybe head over to the “Relationships” section and check out books on love (or even something a little racier).

If your partner is a total bookworm, the bookstore can be a low-key but still super-romantic way to spend a night out.

Afterward, you can head home and crank up the fire or cuddle with a blanket as you read over the newest additions to your personal library.

You can even get steamy reading a racy romance or a book on love aloud to each other.

For about to per couple, you and your date can learn from a master chef while sampling gourmet appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

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