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The six year old feels like he has super powers says Mariska. August is growing happily and is in love with his two younger siblings.

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Just around that time while they were mourning Andrew, the lawyer checked up on Amaya but also mentioned that there was a fragile two month old baby boy who was born premature.

The lawyer knowing their stance on waiting for a while before another adoption still asked if they were interested in the neonate. Within two days, they had made one of the quickest big decisions of their lives.

Hermann casts as Trevor Langon, a defence attorney on the detective series.

They met in 2001 while filming and in no time, began dating.

After a two year long affair, the lovely couple got wedded on August 28, 2004 in California.

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann (biological son with Peter Hermann) Date of Birth: June 28, 2006 Zodiac Sign: Cancer August is the first and only biological child to the power couple.

He has been in a number of productions but is not one of the A-list actors in the industry.

Law and Order turned out to be more than just a career platform for Mariska; from the movie, she met her present husband.

They met the biological mum, took their child and named him Andrew after their lost friend.

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