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I made a personal vow that I would never again risk my well-being in such a reckless fashion of over-indulgence with pills and liquor.My remaining time in the French Quarter was spent relaxing safely, and when the final day of Mardi Gras had concluded, I, like many others, began my migration home.

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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tour, young Zakk Wylde was there, and so was Joe Satriani.

After Skynyrd was off, it still took 90 minutes to get Sabbath to play.

It appeared for a while that Sabbath would not come out. Chairs caught fire and a bonfire was created in the middle of the general admission floor. Most of the recording survived and is about C quality." So, it looks like the gig was originally scheduled for 8 March, but subsequently got brought forward to 25 February.

Fire hoses were brought in from the concourse level and sprayed into the floor. BOC seemingly were on the original bill, but were replaced somewhat late in the day by Lynyrd Skynyrd - maybe they couldn't make the new date?

ROCK CONCERT: Blue Oyster Cult with Badfinger, Nazareth & Status Quo, W&M Hall, p.m., S5.50 Anyway - I couldn't help noticing that the next gig after this one is 9th March and then there's another gap until the 16th March. If anyone has any info about this potential Springfield gig, please let me know...

That leave ample scope for more gigs to be slotted in at some future date... 3-9-74 - Orpheum - BOC backed up Aerosmith on their 'Get Your Wings' Beantown debut - eye don't know if'n there were two shows, AS I attended that one behind 3 hits of potent orange microdot, and may have erased alot of memory tape loop... Bloom personally en-twerped mine cosmic mind with a green cyalume cylinder, AS he strolled through the pre-show crowd. March 17, 1974 Doobie Brothers with special guest Blue Oyster Cult and with REO Speedwagon at Feyline Fields (in Tempe Diablo Stadium) at pm. Source: March 13, 1974 "Phoenix New Times" newspaper display ad.I quickly snatched up my clothes, put them on, and quietly exited the house.I was so disappointed that I had missed BOC in NOLA the night before.Despite the mention on the above flyer, I had been previously led to believe that there had only been just the one gig at the Ambassador Theatre (on the 23rd March) but the following review featured in the 23 March 1974 issue of the St.Louis Post-Dispatch clearly indicated that there were two: Ambassador Concert by Blue Oyster Cultby Merrill Brown You know a rock concert is not a success when the stage announcer has to plead with the audience to call the performers back for an encore.BOC were playing New Orleans on the 24th, so they weren't exactly going to be "in the area" for this gig on the 25th... Boris Badenov Jul 22, 2016 PM They filled in for Blue Oyster Cult, nobody had ever heard of LS. How can you have a HIT if we've never heard the song???

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