Nude social chat

A number of online services, such as social networking sites, offer this feature in which specific virtual rooms are created by the website service, or participants can create their own public or private virtual room to discuss a subject of interest.

Some chat rooms are a part of a sign-up or subscription website and users can log on to the chat rooms with their specific profile, while others allow users to create pseudonyms (nicknames) as a way to remain anonymous.

Programs like Skype, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger provide a forum to connect with other users on your "buddy" or "contact" list.

Other programs, such as Chatroullette, Zupyo, and Jay Doe, allow users to video chat with complete strangers, using a variety of different criteria for random connections.

Some chat rooms go beyond typed conversations, giving users the ability to post pictures, run a web camera, or file share (i.e., exchange music).

Chat rooms are also found in other electronics connected to the Internet beyond the home computer, such as video game systems, which allow users to play their favorite games and chat with other players around the world.

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