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They want nothing more than for others to find that beauty that comes from touching the space of sexual freedom. They some how see beyond all the societal bullshit, and see sexuality for what it is, a healthy _expression of pleasure and connection.

They some how intuitively know how to assist other people in accepting their own sexuality.

Buzz me if you feel that your main motive in life is to become/stay a t..

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For other people they feel compelled to affect many people at one time. You are here to use sexuality is a tool to heal yourself, and then assist other people. Only you know what is “your thing.” How do you find it? Go after what your sexual desires are calling you to do.

Just ask yourself, “What is the coolest thing you could possibly think of doing? The next step, is to get up the courage to actually become a professional healer. Your sexual desires are in fact there to guide you!

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ELIZA BARKS Eliza Barks is a 1 year old vaccinated, spayed, microchipped Treeing Walker Coonhound mix who is intelligent, active and affectionate.

It’s just not something that your typical High School guidance counselor would recommend to you.

So this is me from Colombo.lanka., looking forward to getting to know some nice folks out there :) Well mannered, kind, sincere, fun.

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