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Job Portability – Live Anywhere Most people are tied to the town they’re in, and it’s very hard for them to pick up and move to a new place if they ever want a change of scenery.

The biggest hurdle to moving to a new place is often the plain and simple fact that, in order to do it, you’d have to leave the job you have and find a new one in the area you’d like to make your new home.

This somewhat odd mix of a nurse’s daily work-life means that they usually like a nice mix between going out for drinks and vegging out on the couch with their partner.

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It sounds horrible to say it, but it’s not easy to keep the fire going if you’re having trouble finding your partner physically attractive.

Nurses don’t spend all day at work sitting in an ergonomic chair, eating donuts.

Nurses have job portability; they’re able to be a nurse anywhere, and nurses are needed everywhere.

So, if you and your nurse want to move to another state, into the city, or out to the ‘burbs, you’ve got that option available – with a lot less worry and heartache than you’d have otherwise.

Nurses are hard to stress with everyday home-life drama, and having a partner who won’t crack with every little problem that comes along can be invaluable to anyone.

Enjoy Their Time Off Nurses may spend most of the day on their feet, but they also spend it socializing in one way or another.

Nurses are on an ever-shortening list of careers that seem to be in no danger, though.

It’s not often at all that you hear the words “Nurse” and “laid off.” With a nurse as your partner in life, you can be more confident about your financial future – even if your own career gets rocky, they’ll be a stabilizing force for the both of you.

You Have a Live-In Nurse This final point is so obvious, but easily the single biggest reason why anyone would be lucky to – the health benefits. You would have a massive amount of medical know-how at your disposal, any time of day.

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