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“We could not be more pleased,” stated director of admissions and alumni coordinator Charlotte Karcher.

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Frank Morgan was seen in six different roles, including that of the wonderful “Wizard of Oz” himself.

Equally impressive was the all-star student cast of Fayette Academy’s Wizard of Oz showcasing Kylie Webb as Dorothy, Jake Cocke as the Wizard of Oz, Andrew Payne as the Scarecrow, Dunstan Ashe as the Cowardly Lion, Isabelle Johnson as the Tin Man, Maddie Bell as Glenda the Good Witch, and Catherine Jeffries as the Wicked Witch.

“This year’s school energy project was selected for outstanding recognition as the nation’s best school energy efficiency project by NEED for the light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs campus retrofit being installed this summer that will save our school millions of dollars over the lifetime of these highly energy-efficient LED bulbs.” Donna Burrus also serves as the curator for Mary Margaret’s Garden at Fayette Academy and is the co-sponsor of the Fayette Academy Ecology Club along with Melissa Norwood and Terri Reeves. Burrus was named the Tennessee Wildlife Federation Educator of the Year, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Aerospace Educator of the Year, and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Environmental Educator of the Year.

Melissa Norwood teaches algebra II and geometry at Fayette Academy and serves as the co-sponsor for the Ecology Club and Mu Alpha Theta (MAT).

Terri Reeves teaches technology and computer programming at Fayette Academy and serves as the sponsor for all student led technology initiatives on campus.

For additional information about Fayette Academy’s highly successful science programs or to schedule a tour of science laboratories and/or the learning garden, please contact Donna Burrus, Harry Ozier, or Charlotte Karcher at (901) 465-3295 or visit

Every successful school starts with great teachers and strong leaders. They understand what it takes to embrace an already successful school and take it to the next level and make it great. ” For additional information about Fayette Academy, please contact Charlotte Karcher at (901) 465-3295.

Somerville, TN — Fayette Academy’s Head of School, Ron Canada, will officially retire this summer after seven years of service. Canada’s leadership, Fayette Academy launched a school-wide Apple one-to-one laptop program, funded and built a state-of-the-art facility for athletics and performing arts, fostered and streamlined an efficient fiscal operating budget, and launched an inaugural annual fund. Canada previously served as the principal for Humboldt High School for many years before joining the administration at Fayette Academy. Canada will continue to work in the education realm regionally with an insurance provider that works closely with healthcare programs for teachers, schools, and school districts.

“We are very grateful for their years of leadership and service. Their vision helped move us forward in a positive, progressive manner and provided a strong foundation for our new leadership team.” For additional information about Fayette Academy, please contact Charlotte Karcher at 901-465-3295.

Somerville, TN —— The National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) started in 1980 by a Congressional resolution spearheaded by Gerard Katz, a New York state physics teacher.

“The search committee consisting of parents, teachers, and board members spent countless hours over the last several months filtering resumes, interviewing candidates, hosting Fayette Academy tours, and communicating via phone and e-mail in the selection process,” noted Fayette Academy’s chairman of the board Steve Crafton.

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