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I got good eye contact from girls walking around the city, and a guy with good Spanish would have lot's of opportunities for day gaming there, but like I said the women aren't very attractive, although there are a decent amount of 6's and some 7's, though anything that is an 8 will either be a tourist or a woman from another part of Mexico.

Since I only speak a very minimal amount of Spanish and barely no one speaks English, I didn't bother trying to spit game at the local women.

The sunsets were amazing with the sky all full of different colors, shades, or orange, red, and purple.

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She was for sure a very shy girl and I think she is legitimately a "sexual camel", the type of girl that will go months without sex.

Supposedly she claimed she found me attractive and I am better looking than any boyfriend she's had, but she moves really slow and wants to spend a lot of time with a guy before any romance occurs.

S., white American expats, and expats from other countries that dipped out on the law and found refuge living in Puerto.

There is a pretty heavy underground drug vibe too there, personally I don't fuck with coke, but I was offered it a few times and saw people take bumps at the bar as well.

Okay guys, here is a little trip report about Oaxaca, Mexico.

Unfortunately, not much to tell about game wise, as I´ve suffered from strike out after strike out, as well as bouts of bad luck and bad logistics.

It is too bad I was sick Friday and Saturday nights, Friday night I was literally bedridden all day and night, but I went out to dinner on Saturday and there was a lot of people out and a lot of energy in the air.

It was some kind of minor Mexican holiday and the streets were full, they were lighting fire works over the city, and I could tell the bars were probably jam packed.

She was 22 and only claimed to have had 2 boyfriends, it's possible that she was lying to not hurt my feelings, but I think she was telling the truth.

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