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Man, if I get married in the game as well, would my virtual wife nag me while playing OB, just like in RL? Too much Oblivion, and you don't know what's real anymore...

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I hope, you can read the text.))))) I will not make Goranga dating system III will make completely new mod called Goranga real life system. I don't know about jobs, hunger, thirst, sleeping immersion (i thought about putting all of those). The sex system is only plug in into other systems (but important one I think).

There will be those things that Wepwawt and I talked about (kids, pregnancy and other). It's only 5% of the whole work that needs to be done.

It is not necessary for them to choose the same class like PC, because they simply can decide not to follow their parents' way. The author of ' Companion Neeshka' mod tried it and gave it up because it works not well. I will try if any gather ingredients AI package works.

And from the parent's answers they'll decide to became a warrior or a priest or a thief... ))))You can also give them pocket money to something with....

They will then follow you and you can set them to live at one of your homes?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I tried posting in the mod detective but it is locked.

I can alway give them some basic AI like sit, eat, follow etc. You only need to set to points "This is your home" and "This is a church". I wished to offer pair of ideas for yours a fashion dating system II which, concern only the female character, but, I hope, to you will like.

Also, the problem is that kids are not linked to any specific place, so you can't give them some general AI. Romantic relations in your the first to a fashion, at women, began with dialogue with the liked man.

Looser will weep and search for his mother's care. as for modders made regions, while using ' Companion Neeshka' I had not any problems with returning home.

At example boys can fight other boys with wooden swords etc... Then, if there is a staircase or simply a pit she can fall down to gather something but can't get out when time comes to return. That will not work well in modders made mods and expansions (since you need to put marker there).

As a result, man's characters would try to get acquainted with the heroine.

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