Oc dating sites

She logged on and saw a photo of Brandelli in a fire jacket and pants, holding his helmet, and thought he was handsome.

She read his profile of likes and dislikes, which were on par with her own preferences. “He was just everything I was wanting and looking for.” Jacobson said the firefighter’s lifestyle and personality is definitely a turn-on.

The revised Web pages also offer virtual first dates where couples can meet in chat rooms decorated as a French bistro, beach or mountain setting. Russell said the site requires authentication of employment to help weed out frauds.

He also reads and screens all participants’ profiles. At one point he had to delete the profile of a porn star and tell her to clean up her racy profile.

He knows firsthand that there is something about a uniform that attracts attention. and she grabs my face and gives me a kiss on the neck.” Rick Brandelli, a fire captain in Los Angeles County, said the Web site scored him about five dates and is where he met Cindy Jacobson, his girlfriend of two years.

Earlier this year, he said, a woman tried to kiss him when he responded to a medical emergency in Huntington Beach. The site gave his potential dates a heads up on his demanding job, which can require him to be gone for weeks at a time.

She’d like the site to help liberate these people, living in silent shame and agony, much as gays did before they gained the confidence and security to come out.

“I’m going to be the spokesperson for this movement,” she said.Wave Rider, 32, from Santa Cruz, a firefighter for about 10 years, uses 911 as the password to his photo gallery.Russell, 39, who lives in Costa Mesa with his wife and daughter, has been off the dating market for nine years.“It’s about finding someone to share your sacred space with, to have someone in your life where it’s you against the world.” Take a step inside her condo and you see what Brashier (pronounced “brah-SHAY”) means when she says stuff like “sacred space.” It’s cluttered yet cozy, filled with warm, dark colors and antique-looking picture frames and vintage furnishings, including an auburn lamp with black feathers. Brashier’s relentless optimism and spunk served her when during the darkest time of her life, beginning in 1998 when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer at age 37.She underwent a brutal combination of chemotherapy and radiation that left her so tired she couldn’t walk or speak. The exes were great, came over to help, but luckily, her mother came to live with her to take care of her day to day.Does he have any datable co-workers at the station?

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