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But unless you dont clean your *** track, *** might come out along with it.So i studies a lot over the internet and finally i came to know whats the actually procedure to follow.

And it goes back and stiffed when not worked upon for few days. do not pressurized the soap water ever, rather use normal water. Avoid using cold water in winters rather use warm water.3.

While doing the penetration exercise use front camera to see what and how you are performing. Last but not the least always use follow the breathing process while penetration, which is the most important parameter. While you penetrating the finger always exhale (Breath out air through ***), because while you breath out your anus ring gets opened making the way for your finger/dildo/toy/*** to pass or slip inside more easily provided if the area it fully lubricated with the ponds body lotion..

@Clueless Hubby , Why are U reading between the lines and giving your own interpretation to what I said?

Whatever I do and get additional enjoyment, I do that after ensuring that my family is safe and fully satisfied.

They will never come to know about what I am doing.

I am not like those married pure gays who would not satisfy their wife and go for extra marital affair to get the sexual satisfaction, and also will question bisexual for their actions :) :) :) If you are so much worried about your wife's rights, I have the same question to you too, Do u allow your wife to login to a ***/gay/lesbian website like Ohmojo,go to pron site and read it to get the pleasure, put comments etc? Do u allow her to have the extra marital affair like u have with gays? Hey guys, i would like to share my experience with you as well.

Doggy is best position with partner as it opens up *** naturally and help in stretching ASSS. I mean he have to push some buttons but u dont want take risk .

But if you are practicing alone then you can try in Squat position like Indian style toilet to move toy in / out. I think best possion for first time is missinary or cow boy/girl variation.

I have *** many guys and i have felt what they feel while i am penetrating into them.

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