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“Nothing that I can do or say will make up the loss or to bring her back, but I want to express to you my determination and that of my military colleagues to cooperate fully with Okinawan police and the Japanese government, and we will double our efforts to make sure this will never happen again,” Kennedy told Kishida, according to the AP.

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Lived off base in an area called Awase, used gate 2 to enter Kadena each day. Simler was Wing Commander for part of my tour there.

Have seen recent pictures of Okinawa and cannot believe the difference.

Your pictures are beautiful and bring back so many wonderful memories! Our most cherished memories are out first years of marriage at Naha. I'd love to hear from any members of the 51st Combat Support Group.

My wife and I were stationed at Naha from 1963-1966 and while off base lived at #36 New Oroku in a concrete block hovel. [email protected] Kennedy, Captain, USAFWas stationed at KAB from 1962-1964.

She worked as an Occupational Therapist with military families and children at Camp Kue(sp).

We were stationed with and lived adjacent to another recently married couple from California.One of the most infamous cases was the 1995 abduction and rape of a 12-year-old girl on Okinawa by three U. Onaga said he was “outraged” by the latest incident involving the bases and that Shimabukuro’s death broke his heart. side take strict measures to prevent something like this from happening again.” Gadson admitted to the crime but did so while still dazed from a suicide attempt, his defense attorney said. I do not accept a statement taken under such conditions.“As I look back at all the developments to date, I’m simply speechless,” he said, according to the AP. But he, too, expressed anger over Shimabukuro’s death, which he said he would bring up during Obama’s visit. “[He] attempted suicide twice — on May 17 and May 18 — using sleeping pills,” Toshimitsu Takaesu told Stars and Stripes. Right now it is the statement alone with no supporting evidence.” Gadson has not been charged but he was arrested “on suspicion of abandoning [Shimabukuro’s] body,” the AP reported.And the best news is that the other couple and us are returning together after almost 50 years.We are arriving on a Cruise Ship in May of this year and are only going to be on the island for about 8 hours, but if anyone knows of someone that could serve as a guide for us for a day to show us around the island, we would be eternally grateful!!This organization hosted two International Network meetings in 19.

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