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Sleazy websites like like to send new users fake friend requests from attractive women to trick them into paying for a subscription. We write these MILF dating site reviews for the exact purpose of spotting these scams.Along with the fake “friend requests” we also received six fake messages.

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You can scroll through the listings and see hundreds of very attractive women on the site.

It’s really too bad that all of the profiles are fake.

Based of this volume it isn’t hard to believe the has really fallen off in the past few years.

They may have a lot of profiles on the website but the odds are they are primarily very old profiles that are no longer in use. While there were pictures of many attractive women on the site this MILF dating site review is one big waste of time. is an obvious rip off even if they spend a lot more money then most sites on their web design.

There are some working girls on here looking to make some money.

You even get a few less attractive women that are either extremely misguided or fake profiles sprinkled in to make the site appear more realistic. We have reviewed too many terrible sites in our MILF dating site review to fall for that trick.

The problem is that our profile was completely blank and we didn’t even have a profile picture.

Does anyone believe that eight beautiful women are hovering over their keyboards waiting for the next guy interested in dating older women to create a profile? These “friends” are almost certainly fake accounts.

There really is a good diversity of fake profiles on this site.

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