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No matching record means the records are exists in source database but not in destination database.So we just insert those records in destination database.When we drag and connect the pipeline it opens Input Output Selection window.

We will use second option since we perform the lookup using primary key (Id in this case).

We can use any column that uniquely identifies the record for lookup column. In columns tab of the Lookup Transformation Editor window we need to map between the lookup columns.

From the first one, we can select a table name; in this case the whole table will be load.

From second option, we can write SQL query and fetch only the required column which we want to use for lookup match.

After adding the task, connection manager, Control Flow tab of our package looks like the below image.

To accomplish the synchronization between two databases, first we need to add a data source in the Data Flow task that must be point to the source database.In this blog post we will try to create a SSIS package that performs the synchronization task by performing upsert (Insert/Update) using SSIS lookup transformation.For demonstration purpose we have created two different databases with the same table.If we identify those records we can just insert those records in the destination database.We will use SSIS lookup transformation to identify the new record.Lest add a SSIS lookup transformation in our package.

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