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This was a suggestion from @elleofhearts Harry: You and Harry were in a conference with management about your relationship. So back off and do your fucking jobs right." You trail behind a angry Harry. "Mhm, you too." She says passing right by your hand and setting the table.

You two have been dating for two years and still going strong. You look back at Niall and he rubs your back while you two sit down.

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please leave my house." He says leading her out and shutting the door. "I love you too baby." Liam: One Direction was in a live interview with a very annoying interviewer. "Yeah, she's Amazing, she's like our baby sitter, and she takes care of us." Zayn says, patting Liam's back.

"Wow, looks like I have extensions in my hand." You smirk, throwing her hair back at her. You could've done better, Learn how to train this slave! "El, you need to face the facts that we're over. I'm with y/n now, and I plan to stay with her. "It's going well, We were dating for about three years and we've been engaged for about three months,it's great." He smiled "So, You've been in a relationship with Sophia Smith and Danielle Peazer, how is she different? Y/l/n, in my opinion , is nothing compared to your past relationships, She seems to be very annoying and doesn't care about anyone but herself. So we don't appreciate you talking about her like that." Harry says.

“No one really knows what’s going on in my private life, though.

), the One Direction guys opened up about single bandmate Niall Horan and the singers each suggested who Niall should hook up with romantically."Every new trip we say that Niall's slept with a different celebrity. " 1D's Louis Tomlinson reportedly told the paper during the interview.

She's just a black bitch who wants take your money! Your way to skinny, clearly a person with no respect, and your not y/n. Louis: You and Louis were eating breakfast when you heard a knock on the door.

A red head, who looked way skinny, To where you can see her bones, raises her hand. "I could give you more, and show you real love, not like y/n. Malik, that nigger doesn't deserve it." Zayn sighs, "I don't want you. " He pushes through them and gets in his car, driving to his house. They're my past, y/n is my future and I love her." Liam gets up and leaves, the boys right behind him. I think she's one one of those." She said walking over to him. "No," You hold your left hand up, "I'm his wife. Maybe if I punched some sense into you then it would get through your skull that I'm done with Sophia and Dani! I mean, most blacks have a hard time showing love right? "I don't know why you think you can talk about my fiancé like that! Niall: Maura, Niall's mother, Invites the two of you over so she can meet you. I absolutely love that she's not as skinny as Amy because it gives me something to hold on to and look at basically," You look over to him, "No need telling our personal lives Babe." you say. But anyway, whether you like it or not, she's here to stay and she's not going anywhere . But I can't sit here and let you talk about me and act like that towards me for some stupid reasons. "Mom, you want to know why I'm dating this beautiful, Black girl? "I don't care about her skin color, I care about the love we have for each other! Now let's go the car is running." You stop and look at her, "Where the hell you think your taking him? I mean, Lou, you could have stayed with me and we could've gotten married. " You pull her hair and start punching her, Lou drags you off of her. The boys definitely do not."y/n is like a little sister to us, We wouldn't trade her for the world.

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