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He also said that over the next couple of weeks they'll have some hot, naked chicks running around the studio.

They plan on just going out on the street to get some ''hot, wet bitches.'' Robin suggested they do a show where they try to find the next big starlet like they do on some TV show already.

Artie explained what he knew about them and how they're not being managed very well.

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Howard said that the rules are the rules but no one knows what the rules actually are.

They're very vague and no one really knows what the real rules are.

Howard started off the show talking about how great the weather was this weekend.

am Show opening bits and songs included: Chris Rock comedy routine about divorce, James Taylor performs ''Sweet Baby James'' live in the studio, Conan O'Brien introduction.

Mark said he knows Michael Powell and has actually talked to him about this stuff.

He said that Powell basically told him that ''the rules are the rules'' and there's not much he can do about it.

He liked one moment where Robin was taking her swimming lessons and Mr. Howard also liked one scene where his dog was covering her eyes.

Robin Radzinski came in and said that the animated special took about 8 months to produce and she thanked all of the animators for doing what they did (including Aurelio Santarelli, Peter Fowkes, Kevin Lofton). The caller liked the subtle stuff that went on in the cartoons.

Howard quickly moved on to ask Mark about where he came from and what he did to make it. He stayed out there doing that for 4 years or so and then heard about this new thing, the internet, and got in on that. Now he has a G5 and a 757 that he uses for the basketball team.

Mark told Howard about his company Micro Solutions and how that's the company he sold to make his first million. He said that Jackie actually helped him out with some stuff when he started The plane has 55 seats on it and it's fully customized.

Artie agreed and said he got outside for about 45 seconds when he had to get in his car to drive to a gig he had. He said it was nice out there because there was nobody there and the weather was nice.

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